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Can I try CurbPass for free?

Yes, when you first register you can select “Try For Free,” and your CurbPass account won’t be funded from your payment method on file until your second park in a Smart Loading Zone. This means your first time parking in any Smart Loading Zone will be completely free. See image.


After parking in a zone for a second time, we’ll automatically charge your payment method on file and load $15 to your CurbPass account. This is the most popular amount drivers load to ensure a sufficient balance at all times and therefore our default amount for loading a CurbPass account. This can be changed at any time by submitting a help request. We automate all account balance refills for ease of use and to ensure a sufficient balance so you never receive a citation or a bill in the mail with additional fees.


If you do not plan to park in a Smart Loading Zone again, you can request a full refund of your account balance at any time under the Account tab on your dashboard, which you can access here.



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